Slope Soaring Glider Kit

Span: 24″
Wing Area: 160 Sq.In.
Typical Flying Weight: 4-5 Ounces (Unballasted)
Control Channels: Two (2)
Transmitter: Digital proportional
Receiver: Mini
Servos: Micro
Battery: Small



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  • Incredible stability & energy retention
  • Phenomenal speed range
  • Beautiful turns… slammed or carved
  • Effortless inverted flight
  • Highly responsive
  • Great light lift performance
  • Will “speck out” in thermals
  • Very durable

Kit Includes:

  • 1.9lb Precision-cut & sanded EPP foam wing cores
  • Quality balsa elevon material (weight-matched)
  • Plywood horns
  • Piano wire control rods

You Need:

  1. Typical EPP construction tools and materials (knives, glues, tape, etc.)
  2. Heat shrink covering
  3. A 4 channel Digital Computer Transmitter: with Delta mixing, End-point Adjustments and Dual Rates
  4. A Mini Receiver
  5. Two (2) Micro Servos
  6. One Small Battery Pack: 200 mah capacity Min.